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Blood, Sex, Sarcasm

You can't argue with having fun

Rowan Moon
31 October
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*Disclaimer: This journal is not real. It is a game. Do not send me e-mails about how you wish to stalk me. Thank you. Really... I'm getting no profit off this fictional character. J.K. Rowling is the one getting paid. And that picture is Stuart Townsend. He's rich, I'm not. Woot woot.*

Full Name: Rowan Fenicio Moon

Birthdate: October 31

House: Slytherin

Year Level: Alumni

Pets (if any): A black and white cat, Baxter

Physical Description: Rowan is average for an 18 year old, 6'1". His black hair juts up in thick spikes all over his scalp. When it's not being styled up with a charm, it hangs down to around his jaw, but it's rare to ever see it down. His eyes are a deep blue and are typically narrowed with a sly knowing to them. A smirk rarely ever leaves his lips. He is usually seen wearing all black. When he's feeling particularly angsty, freak pants cover his lower half, so he's uaually wearing them.

Personality: Rowan's as sarcastic as one human can possibly be. He could laugh even if a tank's cannon was aimed at his face.The only thing that can match his cynical nature is his flirtatiousness. When women are involved, Rowan is a wolf. His dark charm has won him many kisses, but he has yet to be sated.

Bloodline: Rowan is a pureblood, but he doesn't let it get to his head.

Background / Family History: Born to Corvin Moon and Rowina Arwin, Rowan was raised rather happily in the area of Ripley, England. His family seemed perfect: a father well-known in the Ministry of Magic, a mother who stayed at home to care for her two sons, and a younger brother who looked up to Rowan, wanting to be just like his big brother. Elder by four years, Rowan had watched out for his brother Kacz (pronounced Kazz) for as long as he could remember. His father was usually away on business, so Rowan and Kacz tended to stay at home with their mother.
Yet stress built very quickly for Rowina, for she soon resorted to numbing herself with alcohol to deal with her two sons. Drunk unless Corvin was home, Rowina punished her sons relentlessly for the most minor of things, even so small as eating too loudly. Abuse became a way of life. When Corvin was home, the explanations for the bruises and cuts on his sons' bodies were always things such as playing outside, fighting, or falling out of trees. Fear was too great a factor, and Father was never home enough to protect them.
Horrific news came one rainy May afternoon. A dark owl came pecking at the window, delivering the message of Corvin's death. But Father worked for the Ministry of Magic? How would he have gotten killed?
The truth came in his mother's drunken screaming: "I told him to be more careful! He always killed those Ministry mudbloods and never ran far enough! They finally caught him!"
The abuse was worse now. There wasn't even the small sanctuary of Father to protect Rowan and Kacz now. Scars occurred routinely. The boys would go to school with black eyes and dried blood in their hair, live happily at Hogwarts for eight months, then go back to four more months of sustaining blow after blow, each object getting more dangerous each time.
Knowing Kacz couldn't take any more, Rowan snuck into his brother's room one night and woke the sleeping 12 year-old. In the dead of night, he took Kacz and dropped him off in front of an orphanage. "Stay here. Don't you dare go back to Mum, you understand? Never. When it's safe, I'll come get you." Then Rowan vanished back into the shadows and back to the house. He hasn't seen Kacz since then.
For his final year of school, Rowan went to Germany to study with the Durmstrang institute. Now out of school for good and back in England, Rowan hopes to finally end his summers of torment at the Moon residence, find his little brother, and get as far away from Ripley as possible. Whether he will succeed or not, though, is one of his worst fears. And with this war brewing, it's still not safe enough to get his sibling. Not yet...

Interests / Hobbies: Anything that involves attractive members of the female gender, archery, napping, practical jokes, and, of course, muggle rock music.

Strengths and weaknesses: When it comes to archery competitions, Rowan is a very formidable opponent. He's also quite skilled at hexes and spells of immobilization. His areas of weakness, however, usually end up involving either vampires or a girls saying, "Please?".